Who are we?

Linguabee is a Deaf-owned and operated sign language interpreting company. We operate in San Francisco/ Bay Area, Denver Colorado, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, DC, Hawaiʻi, and Nebraska. Our team is small but mighty - curious to learn who the team members are at Linguabee? We invite you to learn more about us here. 

Do we uphold industry standard practices?

We absolutely do! We believe strongly that an interpreter is only able to do their best work when the people booking them understand their role, needs, and how to best support them. Standard practices are built into our request process and reinforced by our team members.

Are we committed to the local community?

As a Deaf-owned and operated company, we are very aware of the importance of being  good citizens in the community. We see each area we serve as an extension of our home communities. As such, we are quick to participate with and support local organizations, endeavors, and events encouraging unity and solidarity among interpreting and Deaf Community members.

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