Here at Linguabee, we strive to provide a first-rate interpreting experience for our consumers by ensuring that no one is left without an interpreter. In order to be able to accommodate our consumers in the best way possible, we provide three different types of services:

Onsite Interpreting - OSI: the service will be provided at a physical location instructed by the requestor.

Scheduled Video Remote Interpreting - VRI: the service will be provided virtually via an URL link. The link and credentials can be found on the assignment page at any time. Video platforms may vary from one customer to another such as Zoom, Google Classroom, Canvas, and Whereby. 

On-Demand Video Remote Interpreting (BETA): the service is provided and readily accessible from your Linguabee account when a request for On-Demand Interpreting comes through from our website. The video platform will be embedded in your Linguabee account for on-demand video interpreting. 

NOTE: We expect the amount of on-demand interpreting work to be small the next few weeks before it starts to ramp up when the majority of our customers have fully switched to digital or remote services. We will communicate with you when peak times are so that you can know when would be an appropriate time to make your services available. 

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