In order to receive the payments for the services you rendered, you’ll need to associate a bank account to your Linguabee account and start receiving direct deposits. You can update your bank account information at any time.

Setting up your bank account and receiving direct deposits

To receive direct deposits from Linguabee, you will need to provide us the with bank account details so that we know where to send your payments. Here's how:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click Settings
  3. Open Wallet
  4. Add your bank account information

Note: the information supplied will never be stored with us - the payment provider will hold the details. 

Updating your bank account

If you need to update your bank account information, you just need to head over to Wallet in your account settings. You’ll have the opportunity to change your bank account at any time.

We’ll start submitting direct deposits to your new bank account as soon as you update your account settings. Due to the time that it takes for your bank to receive the funds, some direct deposits may have already been submitted but not yet reached your account. Those payouts will still be sent to the account with the older bank account information.

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