A Public Profile is an opportunity for you, as a service provider, to share a personal narrative about your work experience and skills that can be shared with requesters and community members looking for services.

You can control your Public Profile visibility settings on the Linguabee platform by logging into your account and navigating to: Settings > Public Profile

Who can see my profile?

Public: profile is visible to everyone, including those who have not registered with Linguabee.

Bees: Only Linguabee community members with a registered account will be able to view your profile. 

Only Me: No one can view the profile except for you. As a service provider, it is important to keep in mind that requesters and consumers rely on these profiles to determine whether they are a good fit for an assignment. 

Note: when Bees or Only Me is chosen, search engines will stop linking to your profile.  If you are updating this setting, it may take some time before the search engines remove your indexed profile.

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