Marketplace Rates

Service provider staffing decisions are very often financially motivated. While this remains the case in many instances, we have chosen a model of transparency that allows for the Deaf person to choose their service provider. 

We have focused on removing the financial implications of granting the Deaf person the opportunity to choose their service provider. Accordingly, all of our clients are on a fixed rate service agreement (predetermined hourly rate). We believe this model will reduce the financial motivation to select an service provider that submits the lowest bid and/or lives closest to the job site and encourage the selection of one that is likely best suited for the assignment.  


Service providers maintain the ability to bid for assignments that they find compatible with their skills, interest, and availability. However, they are “bidding” their interest in the assignment, not an hourly rate and/or associated terms.

Interpreter Selection

The purchasing customer or their designee select the service provider they feel is best suited to their particular circumstance. It is our position that this approach results in the Deaf consumer more often selecting their service provider and having a more empowered experience.

Professional Services Agreement

The terms of engagement with service providers is negotiated directly between the service provider and Linguabee. Service providers are classified as independent contractors and are required to sign a Professional Services Agreement in order to establish their pay rates and terms of engagement with Linguabee.

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