What are the minimum requirements to partner with Linguabee?

In our work to verify the terms of engagement and your credentials with Linguabee and to ensure our records are current, complete, and accurately reflect our business-to-business relationship, we request that we have photocopies of the documents as follows:

  • A signed copy of the Professional Services Agreement (a blank copy will be sent to you) 
  • Resume
  • Front and back of driver’s license or passport (Why is this required?)
  • College degrees/transcripts if any (unofficial transcripts will be accepted)
  • RID card, EIPA, and/or other certifications if any
  • Business card (To verify that you do not offer your services exclusively through Linguabee)
  • Business license/General Excise Tax License/LLC (Varies by state)
  • Professional liability insurance 
  • Automobile insurance (Some contracts require that service providers carry coverage when they are on their property (I.e., college campus) for liability purposes)

If some of the aforementioned documents are unavailable, please contact care@linguabee.com to see what the alternatives may be.