Why do we require specific documents and why each one is important?

For several years now Linguabee has had a set of varying document requirements in place to become a service provider with us. When the pandemic hit, we took on the initiative to roll out the ability to provide VRI services nationwide through our platform. While we’re thrilled to see this as an opportunity to further connect new bridges between interpreters and the Deaf community outside their local service areas, and for Deaf consumers to have more choices than ever, there are the varying state laws we still need to keep in mind of. For some service providers, certain documents may seem uncommon. We know collecting and supplying documents is no fun and we try to keep it to the minimum and painless whenever possible. The required documents are listed below, alongside an explanation of why each document plays a critical role in keeping your account with us in an active standing:

  • A government issued photo ID: Drivers license or passport. The super important reason for this document is so we can pay you! Stripe, our payment processing system is very strict about processing payments and requires verification via a current valid government issued photo ID. When opting to provide your driver's license, we need the backside photo to ensure it’s a valid ID. Stripe is required to be in compliance with a federal regulation called Know Your Customer, KYC. 
  • Professional Liability insurance: To verify that you are an independent contractor operating your own business and to give all consumers an extra layer of protection just like all other professionals who carry liability insurance for their services. Some popular companies among our providers are: Proliability, Hiscox, or DHH Insurance.
  • Auto insurance: This document is required  for onsite jobs as some of our contracts require service providers to be insured while driving on their property.
  • Business card: Due to service providers carrying an independent contractor status, we require a business card to verify your work isn’t being done exclusively for Linguabee. We get that business cards are no longer common especially in today’s digital world, therefore a digital copy created within a word document or Canva/Vistaprint third party apps will suffice! 
  • Business license: This is only required in specific cities/states. This can be confirmed by checking with your local municipality government. 
  • State licensure: If applicable in your state. Some states require service providers to carry a license to provide interpreting services in their own state.

If there are any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Care Team at: care@linguabee.com