Viewing an Assignment

The assignment's page shows you the details of your request for service.  You can update the assignment title, topic, and summary, or add relevant documentation.  You can also view the active provider bids for the various services attached to your assignment.

Make changes to a service

Choose the service(s) you would like to modify by selecting the checkbox to the left of the service's date and time.  You can then choose an action to perform from the drop down menu.  The action chosen will be applied to all the selected services.  You aren't able to select/modify any services that are in the past.

Act on provider bids

A separate set of actions is available for provider bids.  Choose the provider(s) you would like to act on by selecting the checkbox near their name.  You can click on the small icon of a person to view their profile information.  The numbers x of y indicate the number of bids this particular provide has made (x) for the total services requested (y).  For consistency with providers, you can choose someone who is most available for your requests.