How do I invoice for my services?

Linguabee's two-step invoicing system is designed to create maximum flexibility in how often to bill for services.

First step: Assignment Verification

Our system will send you an e-mail following each assignment to reconfirm payment details and that the assignment was serviced as scheduled. You have 48 hours from the conclusion of an assignment to confirm and/or adjust these details, and to add any previously agreed upon incidental costs (i.e. travel, hotel, flights, etc) and associated receipts.

Note: Payment is calculated according to start and end times, assignment type, and any agreed-upon reimbursements (i.e. travel, hotel, flight, etc.). 

Upon verifying payment and assignment details, the assignment is ready to be added to an invoice for submission. 

Second step: Invoice Creation & Submission

We encourage you to bundle a series of verified assignments on a single invoice. Of course, you have the flexibility to invoice each assignment individually and according to the timetable that works best for your personal circumstance.

To submit an invoice from your Linguabee account: 

  • Select Services to be Invoiced from the dashboard menu
  • Select assignments for inclusion from a list of verified assignments 
  • Click on the green Create & Submit Invoice button

Note: We have found that practitioners who bundle a series of verified assignments on a given invoice have an easier time tracking payments and managing their financial reporting.

Review Submitted Invoices

To review previously submitted invoices from your Linguabee account: 

  • Select Submitted Invoices from your dashboard menu
  • Click on the hyperlinked Invoice number (Inv #)