Why are assignment details important?

Creating an interpreter request is similar to placing an advertisement to attract the right service provider(s) for the assignment.  The details you provide, including the assignment Title, Summary, and Topic, help you draw the right people to the job.

Important note: do not include participant names or sensitive information in the Title or the Summary.  This information is visible to eligible service providers before they have bid on the assignment.

Assignment Title

This is the name for your assignment -- think about this field as how you might pen this event into your own calendar.  

Example Titles could include: "1st Grade IEP Meeting", "Annual Required HIPPA Training", "Public Forum", "Phantom of the Opera", "Biology 101", "Real Estate Closing", etc.

Assignment Topic

Choosing a pre-defined topic and topic setting will help us better target the most appropriate service provider for the assignment.  If you can't find a Topic that suits this particular assignment, you can always choose "Other".

Assignment Summary

This provides additional details beyond what can be captured in the Title or Topic.  A short description of the nature of the request is helpful to service providers when reviewing their availability and interest.