Why are Sign Language Interpreters in Limited Supply?

If you work regularly with sign language interpreters, you have likely experienced a situation where you attempted to engage the services of an interpreter and found that no one was available for the date and time you requested. Boo!

Why did this happen?

The over simplified answer is that the combination of the increasing demand for interpreting services and the specialized skills and experience required to become a qualified, certified interpreter creates a circumstance where there are insufficient numbers of interpreters to meet the needs in any one community. Again, boo!

To combat this circumstance, Linguabee utilizes technology to increase the speed and likelihood that our customer’s requests will be filled. We also do this to create a more transparent and efficient booking experience (If you didn’t know, Linguabee also empowers our customer by allowing them to select the interpreter they feel best fits their particular circumstance). 

It is important to us bees at Linguabee that our customers receive services when they need them and that those services are provided by the interpreter they feel is best suited for their request.

How can you support Linguabee in its plight to increase the speed at which interpreters are confirmed and ensure that as many people requiring sign language interpreting services get them? 

It’s easy. Simply, commit to quickly “accept” or “decline” the bids of interpreters offering to provide services for your request. That’s it! (Yes, it is really that simple). 

How can it possibly be that simple? 

When an interpreter bids on an assignment, they are committing to hold their time in order to support your opportunity to select the interpreter you feel is best suited for your request. If you determine an interpreter isn’t a good fit and you quickly decline their bid, the interpreter is freed up to bid for another assignment. Also, if you quickly select the interpreter that best fits your request, the other interpreters who have also bid on the request are notified that the request has been filled and, again, the non-selected interpreters are freed up to bid on another request.

The commitment of our customers to quickly “accept” or “decline” the bids of interpreters offering to provide service for their requests, directly contributes to someone else receiving services.