The interpreter submitted incorrect hours/expenses, what do I do?

We're sorry to hear that there is an issue with your invoice!

If you do not agree with the number of hours or expenses submitted by the interpreter(s), please contact our customer support at 855-585-5859 or

We're here to help you, and the interpreter has the best experience possible with every request.

NOTE: We process credit card payments automatically 48 hours from the date we submit the invoice to you. If there is an issue with the invoice after your card has been charged, please contact our Happiness Team at

Tips for avoiding this issue in the future:

  • Set clear expectations regarding the scope of the work and the number of hours required to complete.
  • Define your expectations, budget, and schedule.
  • Coordinate specific details such as length, demands, information, location, description of each assignment.

The cost of services can be discussed with our customer service team, to ensure that the expectations are established. You can also refer to the signed copy of the Service Agreement, to review the cost of the services.