How do I pay the service provider?

There's no need for cash to change hands, as we are a cashless platform. Once the service providers(s) has completed the request, they'll submit the number of hours worked plus any agreed upon expenses incurred during the assignment (mileage, parking, and tolls) as listed in the bid.

Please note that there is a two-hour minimum on all requests posted.

You'll receive an invoice showing the number of hours worked and the total cost of the task which includes Linguabee's service fee. Your card will be automatically charged 48 hours after you receive an invoice from us unless check is the preferred method of payment.

All invoices will be sent to the email listed as the billing party. If you need an invoice resent, have questions about your invoice, or need assistance adding your credit card information, please contact our customer care team at

Note: We accept checks for those who create a business account with us and have signed the service agreement.