Profile Pictures 101

It’s a known fact that here at Linguabee, we take feedback seriously that we receive from our community members and service providers to ensure all parties involved are getting the best experience they deserve while using our platform!  Over the last few years, there was a popular topic among the feedback that was received, and that was: Profile Pictures.

Rest assured, most of the feedback is usually positive admiration of how awesome the photo is, how nice the scenery looks, or how adorable the featured pet is in the photo. There were also some crucial points brought up surrounding the difficulty to identify service providers based on the choice of profile picture. 

Your Linguabee profile picture serves as your digital identity to the Deaf community, making it more quicker and accessible to identify your presence when meeting for an assignment in person or virtually.

If planning on using the profile picture feature, we put together some pointers and suggestions based on our community feedback.


  • Appear approachable.
  • Take a headshot
  • Use an up to date photo
  • Be the only thing presentable in the photo. No animals or accessories
  • Wear what you’d typically wear to an interpreting job
  • Use a photo that would be used on your Linkedin professional profile


  • Selfies
  • Filters
  • Distracting backgrounds
  • Incorporating a personal habit in the photo