What type of interpreting services does Linguabee provide?

    Here at Linguabee, we strive to provide a first-rate interpreting experience for our consumers by ensuring that no one is left without an interpreter. In order to be able to accommodate our consumers in the best way possible, we provide three different types of services:

    • Onsite interpreting - OSI: the service provider will be provided at a physical location instructed by the consumer in the request.
    • Scheduled Virtual Interpreting - VI: A video communication service that is used when both the client and the Deaf / Hard of Hearing / DeafBlind consumer are virtually meeting through a video meeting platform. The service will be provided virtually via an URL link. The link and credentials can be found on the assignment page at any time. Video platforms may vary from one customer to another such as Zoom, Google Classroom, Canvas, and Whereby.
      • This service can accommodate any video meeting size
      • Preferred interpreters with specialized skillsets
      • Ideal for classroom settings, group sessions, job interviews/training, recurring requests, webinars, and live streaming events.
    • Scheduled Video Remote Interpreting - VRI: the parties are usually in the same physical location, often used for short or last-minute sessions utilizing an off-site interpreter teleconferencing into the consumer's video environment. 
      • Small Number of participants
      • Interpreters at the ready within seconds
      • Ideal for drop-ins, medical appointments, and employer/business team meetings.
        • The service will be provided virtually via an URL link via two options:
          1. We provide you with the connection: Linguabee will provide you with an URL and instructions on how to set up a video connection with the interpreter on the request page and via email.
          2. Have your own solution? Share it with us: this option will allow you to use your own video solution (e.g. Zoom, Canvas, etc…) and you can provide the connection information and credentials if applicable. We will share it with the assigned interpreters.

          NOTE: If you have an existing OSI request, in our system and would like to switch it to a VRI assignment, you have the option to convert your OSI request into a VI/VRI request. If you'd like to proceed with this option, kindly contact our Happy Tram by clicking here.